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Intensive Automatic Driving Lessons 
One of the most popular developments in recent years is the opportunity to take intensive lessons for those people wanting to fast track their learning process. For many people an intensive course provides a quick way of gaining their driving licence reducing the learning process from a few months into just a few weeks! Typically the whole process can take a few weeks from start to finish depending on when we can get a test date from the local DSA test centre for you. 

So how does it work? 

If you have already had some driving experience we take you on an assessment lesson to determine your current driving ability. This allows us to estimate how many lessons you are likely to need to get to test standard. If you decide to go ahead with the course we would take a 50% deposit with the remaining balance due 1 week prior to your first lesson. Lessons can be paid for in cash directly to your driving instructor or online in our Prices Section using debit or credit cards. If you decide not to book one of the courses after your initial assessment you pay just for the assessment lesson with no further obligation. 

When do I book the test? 

At this time we take an additional £62.00 to pay for your driving test which we book on your behalf with the DSA. In many parts of the country there can be a waiting time of between 6-8 weeks from the date that we book your test to the actual test date which the DSA allocate. This varies depending on the time of year, examiner holidays and illness etc. One way round this is to try and get a cancellation date which can reduce the waiting time considerably. Once we have the test date from the DSA we would then plan and book your lessons accordingly to fit in with your availability and the required time frame. Please note that you will need to have passed your theory in order for us to book your practical driving test. 

Is intensive suitable for everyone? 

Clearly intensive lessons by their very nature can be tiring as the pupil is having to concentrate for longer periods of time. We recommend no more than 2 hours of continous driving with a 30 minute break in between each session to give the pupil a chance to recover and consolidate what they have learnt during the lesson, however we can tailor an intensive program to suite the pupils requirements and availability. People who have good memories are more likely to learn quicker, but however much you learn from a technical aspect, there is always that vital period of learning associated with developing the skill to read the road ahead and translate what you see into an appropriate driving action. This can take some time and cannot be rushed. It is basically time on the road that is required in order to experience the different types of road layouts and traffic conditions and how to deal with them appropriately and safely. 
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