No Gears Automatic Driving School - Halifax & Huddersfield - 110 Pye Nest Gardens - Halifax HX2 7JU. 
Michelle - "My No Gears instructor was very patient" 
"I have never wanted to drive, I tried manual lessons and found it very stressfull. My family and friends cant believe im now driving, my No Gears instructor was very patient!!... ive recommended No Gears to many friends."  
Claire - "My No Gears instructor was a great instructor" 
"My No Gears instructor was a great instructor. I felt safe and had pleasureable lessons. I would recommend anybody to take lessons with him. I am very grateful to have had him teach me." 
Corrine - "My No Gears instructor put me at ease" 
"After my car accident I was wary of driving but my No Gears instructor made me feel at ease and helped me overcome my worries and fears about driving and was very patient. I would highly recommend No Gears to anyone." 
Roshni - "My No Gears lessons were excellent" 
"I had always found driving a challange previously but my No Gears instructor put me at ease right from the start. He was reliable, approachable and his learning techniques were excellent." 
Pupil Reviews & Comments 
Taken from our Pupil Questionnaire Program 
Laura - Age Group 17-20 
Laura decided to learn in an automatic because she had learning difficulties as a result of Autism. She thought it would be a lot easier for her than trying to learn how to use the clutch and the gears. 
“I found my driving instructor to be friendly, professional and reliable as well” 
Kimberley - Age Group 20-30 
Kimberley was a really nervous driver and decided she couldnt face learning to read the roads as well as learning how to use the clutch and gears at the same time. After finding our website on the internet she read our pupil comments and decided to contact us. 
“My driving instructor was excellent. He made me feel completely comfortable behind the wheel which enabled my confidence to grow. Passing my test first time is one of my biggest achievements. I couldnt have done it without my instructor - she is an asset to your company. I rate my experience with yourselves as 10 out of 10!” 
Rachel - Age Group 20-30 
Rachel had tried to learn in a manual car about 8 years ago but was put off by her instructor who was rude, impatient and raised his voice. After plucking up courage to give it another go she decided to try automatic. 
“I would strongly recommend my instructor from No Gears to anyone who wants to take driving lessons - he is the best! Very, very patient, friendly and very good at explaining things and very encouraging as well. Anyone who gets him as an instructor is very lucky!” 
Jwan - Age Group 30-40 
Jwan had previous driving experience from her native country in Iraq but needed her UK driving licence for her job as a busy General Practitioner. 
“I found No Gears on the Internet and they were able to fit in my lessons early in the morning and at weekends which was important, being a busy mother and working full time as well. My instructor was very patient and competent with excellent teaching skills and manners. Some of the techniques which he used will also help me in my career – especially the use of diagrams to make information more easily understood. I would recommend them to anybody considering learning to drive in an automatic car” 
Lesley - Age Group 30-40 
Lesley decided to go for automatic because she found it hard to manage the clutch and gears in a manual car especially when reversing. 
“I would like to say a huge thank you to my instructor for being very patient with the things which I found hard to grasp. He is an excellent instructor who was both very nice and funny as well!” 
Debbie - Age Group 50-60 
Debbie had always wanted to drive but never had the opportunity. One Christmas her son bought her some driving lesson vouchers and she was off and running! 
“My instructor was a very patient and friendly man. I found him to be very professional in the way that he explained everything to me. When I was taking my theory test everything he said to me during our lessons came back to me because he said the same things the same way all the time. Thanks for everything” 
Christine - Age Group 70+ 
Christine’s husband had always been the driver in her family. So when he died she effectively lost her mobility which was particularly difficult as she is also a carer for her older sister as well. She decided to pluck up the courage to take driving lessons but decided that learning in a manual car would probably be too difficult for her. 
“I have nothing but praise for the kind and patient way in which I was taught” 
Laura - "My No Gears instructor deserves a medal" 
"I did not enjoy driving until I started with No Gears. My No Gears instructor made me feel really comfortable and improved my confidence! I didn't think anyone would be able to teach me to drive but he did and made it a really enjoyable experience!"  
Gemma - "Absolutely fantastic service" 
"My No Gears driving instructor made driving a lot less scary and guided me through everything. I passed my test first time after learning with No Gears which shows what a great instructor he is" 
Dhiva - "My No Gears instructor made learning enjoyable" 
"My No Gears instructor made me feel confident and i liked his approach to teaching. Other instructors were too strict but he was always calm and explained fully when i made an error. He made learning an enjoyable experience." 
Hayley - "My No Gears instructor was very patient 
"Having had 3 different manual instructors many years ago and struggled, No Gears got me a pass and made me independent. My No Gears instructor was very patient and made my lessons enjoyable." 
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