Automatic Driving Lessons in Southampton 

We do not have an instructor in Southampton however we are currently recruiting in this area. Ring 0800 0277451 for details. 

No Gears Automatic Driving School - Southampton 

Automatic teaching specialists 
Fully qualified experienced automatic instructors 
Highly recommended by previous pupils - see comments 
Simple effective structured learning 
Patient, friendly, professional, calm instruction 
Relaxed stress free learning 
Special offers and discounts for beginners 
Special needs driver training experience 
Southampton has its own DSA test centres. During the early stages of their learning pupils will be taught locally on nursery routes where traffic conditions are appropriate for their limited driving experience. 
At this stage of their driving, and with the help and guidance of their driving instructor, they will choose their preferred test centre, and will be introduced to the test centre test routes to provide local knowledge of any unusual or difficult road layouts. This enables them to familiarise themselves with the local roads and to build that vital driving confidence prior to their test. 
Nearest test centres are in Southampton (Forest Hills) and Southampton (Maybank) 
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