Our ADI's comments 

Steve Davies - Welwyn - Joined February 2012. "This is the first franchise I have had in 28 years as an ADI that actually delivers what it says. My only regret is I wasted so many years at other driving schools" More 
Peter West - Reading - Joined February 2014.  
"I was unsure I was doing the right thing having been an independent for 31 years. However I have not looked back since I did this, and I would recommend No Gears to anyone". More 
Carol MacDonald - Manchester - Joined December 2013. "It is without question the best and fairest franchise I have ever had and I know am guaranteed work when I need it." More 
Rob Brown - Leicester - Joined March 2013. "My work levels have never been so high. I often have to turn work away or put them on a waiting list, and they dont make promises they cant keep" More 
Jeff Morgan - Manchester - Joined January 2015 
"If you are thinking of going automatic I would definately recommend No Gears. They kept all their promises and do care about their ADI's" More 

About Our Franchise 

A franchise should keep you busy - thats what you pay for! 
In our view the only reason anybody should take on a franchise is so that the driving school can provide enough work to keep them booked up, whilst the ADI focuses all their time on teaching and earning money. That has been our founding philosophy and we have been very proud that all our franchises are as busy as they want to be - even through the recent recession. The difference with our franchise is that our ADI's have the choice of how many hours they want to work and they are never restricted by lack of pupils. 
New franchises researched to establish ongoing demand 
We invest about £2000 in each new franchise as we cover all the initial marketing costs and provide a free automatic car during the initial pupil build up stage. Clearly we have to be absolutely certain that its going to be a success. This means that we have to research each area using the latest business development software to make sure that there is enough demand before we invest, otherwise we waste our money! From this perspective we work very much as a partnership with our franchises. 
We dont take on too many ADI's 
Our industry has a reputation for abusing the franchise model by taking on too many ADI's without any regard as to whether they generate enough new pupils to keep them busy. We have a business process which not only monitors how many pupils we pass to each franchise but also, just as importantly, how many pupils we turn away because we dont have the capacity to place a new pupil with one of our franchises. This means we can establish very accurately when it is safe to open a new franchise without damaging the income of an existing franchise. 
No investment and no loss of income during the transition 
We have a franchise subsidy scheme which means that there are no franchise fee's or car costs involved during the initial build up period. We provide an automatic car for the first 3 months to enable our ADI's to continue to teach manual and see their manual pupils through their test. They gradually transition their diary to automatic only pupils. At the end of the 3 month period the ADI can trade in or swap their manual car for an automatic. These days there are plenty of finance deals around, including leasing and rental options as well.  
No long term contract 
We dont believe in long term contracts. Our franchise agreement is an 8 week rolling contract that only requires an 8 week notice of cancellation for both parties. We believe that if we keep our franchises busy they will not want to go anywhere else. If they decide to leave for any reason there is no benefit to us in having ADI's working with us who want to move on. Its a pragmatic but simple approach to maintaining a good business relationship with our franchises. 
Franchise holidays and franchise loyalty scheme 
Our franchise agreements provide 4 weeks franchise holiday in a 12 month period. This gives the franchise holder flexibility to cover for any periods of illness, family holidays or the quiet Christmas period. In addition we provide a Franchise Loyalty Scheme which means our ADI's can earn an additional franchise free week each year, from year 2 onwards, up to a maximim of 8 weeks per year. 

Franchise highlights 

Our automatic franchises are ALL fully booked and have waiting lists of pupils. 
Premium lesson rates and no silly offers/discounts 
We provide 4 weeks franchise holiday a year. 
We operate a franchise loyalty scheme - earn up to 8 weeks franchise holiday a year 
We guarantee the number of pupils we provide each year 
No Franchise fee till we've built you up to an agreed number of pupils 
FREE automatic car during the initial pupil build up period 
All franchise areas fully researched to establish demand and gaurantee success. 
Continue teaching manual whilst we build your automatic franchise. 
No disruption to your existing income. 
We give you access to our franchises so that you can verify the claims we make 
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