Our ADI's comments 

Steve Davies - Welwyn - Joined February 2012. "This is the first franchise I have had in 28 years as an ADI that actually delivers what it says. My only regret is I wasted so many years at other driving schools" 
Peter West - Reading - Joined February 2014.  
"I was unsure I was doing the right thing as I had been an independent for 31 years. However I have not looked back since I did this, and I would recommend No Gears to anyone". 
Carol MacDonald - Manchester - Joined December 2013. "It is without question the best and fairest franchise I have ever had and I know am guaranteed work when I need it." 
Rob Brown - Leicester - Joined March 2013. "My work levels have never been so high. I often have to turn work away or put them on a waiting list, and they dont make promises they cant keep" 

Experienced qualified ADI needed 

The franchise that earns you more! 

Imagine a world where you can start to earn what you believe you are worth as an ADI. Premium lessons prices so that you earn more money each week. No Silly offers so you dont have to give money away, More reliable pupils so you get less cancellations. Less stress for both you and your pupils. Its a winning formula - just ask our ADI's. More 

Amazing market growth! 

The automatic market is growing faster than the manual market. The DVSA has reported a big increase in automatic tests year on year fuelled by the massive growth in automatic car sales in the uk. The Society of Motor Manufacturers reported that 25% of all new car sales in 2015 where automatic! The number of families who now own an automatic has increased dramatically in recent years. As a result there are simply not enough ADI's teaching automatic - which is why our franchises are all fully booked with waiting lists of pupils! More 

Guaranteed number of pupils! 

We need your skill, experience and enthusiasm. In return we promise we will provide you with enough pupils to keep you fully booked - its guaranteed! We even make it easy for you to move to the automatic market as we pay all your start up costs and provide a FREE automatic car for the initial build up phase. This means you can gradually run down your manual pupils whilst we build up your automatic franchise without it effecting your income! More 

Some franchise facts 

Our automatic franchises are ALL fully booked and have waiting lists of pupils. 
Premium lesson rates and no silly offers/discounts 
We provide 4 weeks franchise holiday a year. 
We operate a franchise loyalty scheme - earn up to 8 weeks franchise holiday a year 
We guarantee the number of pupils we provide each year 
No Franchise fee till we've built you up to an agreed number of pupils 
FREE automatic car during the initial pupil build up period 
All franchise areas fully researched to establish demand and gaurantee success. 
Continue teaching manual whilst we build your automatic franchise. 
No disruption to your existing income. 
We give you access to our franchises so that you can verify the claims we make 
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