Franchised areas researched to establlsh demand and local pricing 
Internet analysis of local demand for automatic lessons and competition analysis of local automatic pricing to ensure success 
Free loan automatic vehicle during the initial pupil build up phase 
We provide an automatic vehicle at no cost during the initial pupil build up. Options to rent, buy or lease your own vehicle after 3 months 
No Franchise fee's during the initial pupil build up phase 
No franchise fees during the initial phase. You start paying when your automatic franchise is generating sufficient revenue 
Proven track record in building busy profitable franchises 
All of our franchises are fully booked and have waiting lists of pupils, even through the recent recession. 

No Gears Automatic Driving School Franchise 
Milton Keynes & Bletchley Area 

This Franchise would ideally suite an existing manual driving school instructor or a current automatic driving instructor who works and lives somewhere within the Milton Keynes/Bletchley area although interested parties who live close to the Franchise boundary who are prepared to travel will also be considered. 
Franchise area researched to establish demand 
This area has a population of approx 290,000. We already have an existing franchise here which is fully booked all the time and has a waiting list of pupils. The demand for automatic driving lessons has been monitored here for some time and exceeds other successful franchised areas where we have at least two franchises. So we are more than confident that this Franchise will be very successful for the right person. 
No loss of income during the transition process 
Our franchise subsidy has been designed to allow you to maintain your current level of manual income whilst we build up your automatic revenue. This means that you can transition into the automatic market without increasing your costs. When you are ready, you can rent, buy or lease your own automatic training vehicle. 
Talk to other No Gears Automatic Franchises 
Its an important decision to take on a franchise, so you wil need to talk to other No Gears Automatic Franchises to see how they transitioned from manual to the automatic market, and to see what levels of business they are doing. We will provide you with access to our franchise holders to allow you to find out the answer to these questions and any more you may have before making your decision. 
Guaranteed success without the risk! 
Our unique approach and our committment to subsidise the initial start up costs provide a no risk opportunity for ADI's looking to get into this extremely busy market. We invest about £2000 to support a new start up franchise and you can be certain that we would not be risking that investment unless we were absolutely sure that it was going to be a complete success.  
No investement necessary to start your own automatic franchise.  
There is no investment necessary to take on one of our automatic franchises as we subsidise your costs for the pupil build up period. 
No disruption to your manual income during transition period 
Our transition package allows you to keep earning from existing manual pupils whilst we build up your automatic revenue 
Premium pricing and no special offers or discounts to increase your income 
Because there is far less competition and too much demand we dont have to offer discounts or incentives. 
Access to our existing franchises to verify the claims we make 
We provide access to our existing franchises so you can verify that we deliver on all our promises to give you peace of mind. 
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