Automatic Driving Instructor - James Keefe 
Stevenage, Hitchin & Letchworth 

James Keefe ADI 
James is an experienced fully qualified driving instructor who has a reputation with his pupils for being friendly, patient and encouraging. He has a flexible teaching style which he adapts to suit his pupil's personality and current driving experience. He prides himself in being both reliable and professional and sets out to ensure that his pupils have an enjoyable and relaxed learning experience. 
Hobbies and Interests 
"I like spending time with my family. We have two teeange boys who enjoy music and athletics. My wife and I attend concerts and competitions as often as we can. We both like going to the cinema or a show, or to meet up with friends and family at our local pub for a meal and a chat. We also have a Jack Russell dog called Buster who loves to go on regular walks in the countryside." 
What does he enjoy about being a driving instructor 
"Having spent many years working in London within the logistics industry I wanted a change in career that provided me with an opportunity to work closer to home and my family. I thought that the idea of working with people to develop and enhance their driving skills would not only give me job satisfaction, but would also be extremely fulfilling as well. That put me on the path to becoming a driving instructor, which has been challenging at times but ultimately rewarding on so many levels." 
Best moment as an instructor 
"My best moment as an instructor came when I was teaching a grandmother who had been driving for many years on a provisional driving licence. Over the years she had developed her own style of driving which, shall we say, did not meet with the current test standards! She had picked up many bad habits which were proving quite a challange to improve. I didnt think she appreciated someone younger than her telling her how to drive and thought on many occasions that she was about to give me a piece of her mind. Eventually we came to an understanding. Once she saw the light at the end of the tunnel she became one of my best pupils. The look on her face when she passed her test was priceless. Her daughter went on to pass her test with me as well. They were special moments " 
Any funny moments 
"I was having one of our regular standard check tests with an examiner in the back seat of the car observing me whilst I taught one of my manual pupils. We were practising matching gears to the speed of the car and I had a route set out in my mind which was a nice little circuit that was ideal for my pupil to practice on. Unfortunately there were lots of turnings before the specific road we needed to take. This meant that I needed to see the road early in order to give the pupil enough time to make the turn. Unfortunately a workman had decided to take a cigarette break and had obscurred the road sign, so I did a double take when I realised that we had sailed right past the road we needed to take. I told the pupil afterwards what had happened and she was really amused. You can imagine my relief when the examiner told me I had passed my check test and given me a good grade as well!" 
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