Automatic Driving Instructor - Jeff Morgan 
South West Manchester & Altrincham 

Jeff Morgan ADI 
Jeff is a highly experienced fully qualified driving instructor who has a reputation with his pupils for being incredibly calm, patient and professional. He takes great pride in being friendly, reliable and encouraging. Jeff describes some of his best moments as an instructor as seeing the broad smile on the faces of his pupils when they pass their test. 
Hobbies and Interests 
"I enjoy spending time with the family as I have 3 boys aged between 15 and 25. As my wife works in Local Government, life can get a bit hectic for us at times so I enjoy taking our 3 dogs for walks, and my wife and I enjoy going to the cinema and theatre shows together. In fact music plays a big part in our family life as we can all play an instrument and my younger son plays a variety of string instruments and has just started to play the saxaphone. I also sing in a local band in my spare time." 
What does he enjoy about being a driving instructor 
"I worked for many years as driver for a firm of butchers delivering around the South Manchester and Cheshire area and have always really enjoyed driving and spending time with people. One of the great things about being a driving instructor is that you are not only helping pupils to develop a life skill but also allowing them to become more independent. Its a great feeling helping them to achieve their goals and I still get a great buzz when one of my pupils pass their test, even after all these years. Its also really nice when people remember you years later!" 
Best moment as an instructor 
"I taught a young lady with special needs some time ago and she had no confidence regarding driving a car and told me she didnt think she would ever pass a test, and if by some miracle she did, then it would probably take over 100 lessons. After a lot of hard work by both of us she did eventually pass her test and she did it in 45 lessons - quite an achievement! It was wonderful to see her so happy when the examiner told her that she had passed." 
Any funny moments 
"Over the years there have been a few funny moments, but the one that sticks out in my mind was when I was working for a different school teaching manual. The company gave me a new pupil in a dodgy part of Manchester and when I turned up I saw a young man stood outside his gate leaning against a fridge. When I spoke to him and confirmed that he had booked the lesson he asked me if I could do him a favour and put his fridge in the back of my car and drop it off during the lesson to his mates house! First of all I laughed but soon realised that he was being serious, so I politely declined. He never did have a lesson with me." 
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