"I have never wanted to drive, I tried manual lessons and found it very stressfull. My family and friends cant believe im now driving, my No Gears instructor was very patient!!... ive recommended No Gears to many friends." 
"My No Gears instructors was a great instructor I felt safe and had pleasurable lessons. ! would recommend anybody to take lessons with him. I am very grateful to have had him teach me." 
"After my car accident I was wary of driving but my No Gears instructor made me feel at ease and helped me overcome my worries and fears about driving and was very patient. I would highly recommend No Gears to anyone." 
"I had always found driving a challange previously but my No Gears instructor put me at ease right from the start. He was reliable, approachable and his learning techniques were excellent."  

Code of Conduct - Our promise to you! 

The success of the relationship between an instructor and a pupil has a direct bearing on how quickly and how confidently a pupil progresses with their driver training. From this perspective we believe it is vital that any new pupil approaching No Gears for lessons should be entirely confident in the way that they will be treated during their lessons and can feel confident that they will be treated with kindness and respect.  
Personal Conduct 
Your No Gears Instructor; 
Will endeavour to behave in a professional, respectful and courteous manner at all times. 
Will not use offensive or improper language, or engage in conversations which could be deemed offensive or inappropriate 
Will never behave in a threatening or aggressive manner 
Will never provide tuition while under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
Will avoid making physical contact with the pupil unless in an emergency situation 
Will not attempt to contact the pupil via phone, text, email etc. other than to make meeting arrangements 
Will avoid any behaviour which might encourage a physical or emotionally dependent relationship to develop with a pupil 
Will treat each pupil in a fair and respectful manner regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or ability 
Will maintain proper standards of dress and personal hygiene 
Will never smoke in the driving school car 
Teaching Standards 
Your No Gears Instructor; 
Will treat each pupil as an individual and provide a teaching approach best suited to their specific needs 
Will keep in confidence any information relating to the pupil’s ability and progress 
Will display their DSA approved ID and license within the car at all times 
Will ensure the car is fit for purpose, with all the necessary documentation and maintenance checks in place 
Will make every effort to be on time for lessons 
Will never have more than one pupil in the car during lessons 
Will teach in accordance with the DSA’s recommended syllabus 
Will safeguard and account for monies paid in advance of lessons, and for driving tests etc. 
Will advise the pupil when to apply for a test, and ensure the pupil has all the necessary documentation for the test 
Will keep up to date with industry best practice using relevant publications and websites 
No Gears Commitment 
No Gears; 
We will continuously monitor all instructors to ensure the correct knowledge and syllabus is taught 
We will take seriously any complaints, and follow a written procedure to deal with complaints made against the instructor/school 
We will ensure pricing is fair and accurate, and records are kept of all monetary transactions 
We will ensure advertising is factual, honest and not misleading 
We will provide terms of cancellation, pricing and conditions for the use of driving school cars during tests 
We will keep pupil’s details confidential, and will never share these details with a third party. 
"I did not enjoy driving until I started with No Gears. My No Gears instructor made me feel really comfortable and improved my confidence! I didn't think anyone would be able to teach me to drive but he did and made it a really enjoyable experience!" 
"My No Gears instructor made driving a lot less scary and guided me through everything. I passed my test first time after learning with No Gears which shows what a great driving instructor he is" 
"My No Gears instructor made me feel confident and i liked his approach to teaching. Other instructors were too strict but he was always calm and explained fully when i made an error. He made learning an enjoyable experience." 
"Having had 3 different manual instructors many years ago and struggled, No Gears got me a pass and made me independent. My No Gears instructor was very patient and made my lessons enjoyable." 
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