About the Driving Tests 
Theory Test 
Before you can apply for a driving test you must pass a theory test. This however does not mean you cannot start to learn to drive. You can study for your theory test whilst you are taking your driving lessons. The theory test is now in two parts: 
Multiple Choice Questions 
The first part comprises of 50 multiple choice questions of which you must get at least 43 questions correct within a 57 minute period in order to pass this part of the test. 
To apply for your theory test you can either fill in an application form, book the test by phoning 0870 0101372 or book online at http://www.dsa.gov.uk 
The best revision for your theory test is: 
The Official Theory Test for Car Drivers. 
This book has all of the questions and answers contained in the theory test data bank. 
The Highway Code 
This book contains road signs, road markings and general rules for all road users. 
Driving the Essential Skills 
This book is a complete guide to driving and covers most subjects from road law to “manoeuvers” 
The cost of this exam is £30.00 including the Hazard Perception Test, which forms the second part of your theory test. 
Hazard Perception Test 
The Hazard Perception Test was introduced into the Theory Test in 2002. After completing the multiple choice part of the test you are given a few minutes break before you start the Hazard Perception part of the exam. 
You will be shown an instructional video to show you how the test works. 
In the test you are shown 14 film clips, each clip is one minute long and all clips are filmed from a car. Each clip contains at least one developing hazard. You will be marked on your response to the developing hazard - the sooner you spot the developing hazard the higher your score. You will need to score at least 44 out of a possible 75 in order to pass this part of the test. 
Practical Test 
The practical test has now been revised and takes on average 40 minutes to complete. During this time you are allowed to make up to 15 minor mistakes, anything above this figure results in failure. Any single serious or dangerous mistake will also result in failure. 
Our driving instructors know all of the relevant test centres and test routes within the areas which we currently cover, see our Areas section for further details. 
To book a test you can either fill in an application form, phone the Driving Standards Agency on 0870 0101372 or give payment to your instructor and we will book the test for you. 
The Practical Test costs £62.00 and includes the new Show Me Tell Me test. 
Show Me Tell Me Questions (Safety Check Questions) 
At the start of your practical driving test you will be asked two questions about your car. This test is to show or tell the examiner about basic safety checks that any driver should carry out to ensure that their vehicle is safe to use. For the practical test, candidates will be asked two questions, one will be a Show Me question and one a Tell Me question. 
Follow this link to our Show Me Tell Me section for a list of the questions and their corresponding answers. 
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