Benefits of Automatic Lessons 

If you are just in the process of deciding whether to take automatic driving lessons we have put together some of the reasons why previous pupils decided that the automatic option was best for them, many of them after struggling with manual lessons. For many pupils, learning in an automatic takes away the fear factor once they realise that you cannot stall an automatic car. In addition you dont need to learn which gear to use and when to change gears as the automatic gearbox does that all for you. All this means that pupils have more time available to read the road and as a result they become more confident in their decision making. Altogether a much more enjoyable learning experience! 

Automatic Benefits at a glance 

More confidence - no stalling or rolling back on hills 
Less distraction - no clutch or gear lever to coordinate 
More time to concentrate on controlling the vehicle 
More time to develop judgement of speed and steering 
More time to concentrate on reading the road 
Learn faster - less to learn and remember 
Less tiring - better suited to town and city driving 
Less cost - need less lessons than manual 

Stress Free Learning 

For most people learning how to use the clutch, gears and accelerator together are very stressful. Get it wrong and you either stall, bunny hop across the road or the car starts rolling backwards. This fear creates anxiety and distracts the pupil from taking in the wider aspects of what is going on around them. It also creates uncertainty in their decision making process. The good news is that with an automatic car this aspect of learning to drive is completely removed allowing the pupil to develop their driving confidence much more quickly. 

Nervous Drivers 

We have had many nervous drivers who have come to us who have found that the fear factor of coordinating the clutch, accelerator and gear selection is just too much for them. In addition they have found our patient and understanding approach a help in trying to overcome their driving fears and gain their driving confidence. 

Pupils with Learning Difficulties 

We have had many pupils who have turned to automatic driving lessons either because they have had learning difficulties or have restricted movement because of some form of physical disability. 

Pupils learning or relearning in later life 

We have many pupils between the ages of 35 and 60+ who weren’t able to learn to drive when they were younger but have found it either more affordable as they have got older, or their circumstances have changed making it necessary for them to be more independently mobile. Remember learning to drive is not exclusively for the young. Anybody can learn to drive with the right help and support from an experienced driving instructor. 

Pupil Comments 

If any of the above sound like you then please take a look at our Pupil Comments section and learn about people who may have been in a similar situation to yourself and have successfully overcome these obstacles with help from No Gears Automatic Driving School. More 
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