Special Needs Driver Training 

Finding instructors who have the necessary temperament, experience and skills to teach pupils with special needs is not easy. We have helped many special needs pupils reach their driving goals and find their independence through being able to drive safely. Our teaching ethic is based on patient, friendly and professional driver training gaining us a reputation for providing a relaxed, stress free learning experience. As in any learning process its about creating the right learning environment where pupils can relax and enjoy the lessons. 

No Gears at a glance 

Automatic teaching specialists 
Fully qualified experienced automatic instructors 
Highly recommended by previous pupils - see comments 
Simple effective structured learning 
Patient, friendly, professional, calm instruction 
Relaxed stress free learning 
Pupils with Learning Difficulties 
Our special needs instructors have experience in successfully teaching pupils with autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia and have the patience and understanding that you need to encourage pupils through this challenging learning process. 
We have successfully helped many pupils with learning difficulties through their theory and practical driving test. Most pupils have found that learning in an automatic vehicle reduces the complexity and stress associated with learning to drive. This is because they dont have to learn how to use the clutch and gears and takes away the fear of stalling and rolling back on hills. Having learned how to control the speed of the car the pupils attention is then free to read the road. By cutting out the need to master the clutch and gears the pupil can progress much more quickly. The lack of stress also enables them to start building their driving confidence much more quickly as well. 

Pupils with Physical Disabilities 

Although we do not have a specially adapted vehicle with alternative driver controls we have taught many pupils who have had restricted movement with their left leg using an automatic car. Simple steering devices can also be fitted to help those who have a restricted arm movement as well. Please contact us to discuss any particular requirements which you have and our experienced staff will help and advise you. 
Comments from Previous Pupils 
Read more about what previous special needs pupils have said about their learning experience with No Gears Automatic Driving School in our Pupil Comments section. 
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