Automatic Driving Lessons with No Gears 

We have been providing automatic driver training since 2003 and are regarded by many as the leading independent national automatic school in the country. All of our instructors are fully qualified, experienced DSA approved automatic instructors who pride themselves in providing a relaxed stress free learning environment to ensure that their pupils enjoy their learning experience and that they progress quickly using the latest adult teaching techniques. We are very proud that our pupils have rated us as a highly recommended automatic driving school.  

Our Teaching Ethic  

Our teaching ethic is based on patient, friendly and professional driver training gaining us a reputation for providing a relaxed, stress free learning environment. This has ensured that our pupils not only learn quickly but also enjoy their learning experience - an important factor in any successful learning experience! All of our instructors support our code of conduct. More 

Structured Learning 

How you are going to be taught is a critical factor in how long it will take to get you to a point where you can drive safely and pass your practical driving test. It is largely this factor which also ultimately determines how much it will cost you to learn to drive. We use a DSA appoved system which has been thoroughly researched and developed to ensure speedy progress and advancement. 

Our Driver Training Program 

Our approved training program has been specifically developed to ensure that our pupils reach the necessary standard, no matter what their previous experience or current driving ability, in as short a time as possible. A simple but effective teaching system enables pupils to quickly learn and remember new driving routines and techniques quickly and efficiently. 
The use of simple diagrams helps pupils to understand what it is their trying to achieve in each new lesson. A simple 3 stage technique takes the pupil through the learning process for each driving topic untill they can remember what to do without any assistance from their instructor. It is a simple but highly effective process! 

Driver Progress Charts 

Its really important that you know how you are progressing with your driving. We strictly adhere to the Driving Standard Agency approved syllabus and provide our pupils with a record of their driving development. Progress is reviewed on a regular basis with their personal instructor so that they can see exactly how they are progressing. This process also helps their instructor to identify areas requiring further development and to structure future lessons accordingly. By using this approach our training is specifically tailored to suit each pupil's abilities and rate of learning. 
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