Rob - Tyne & Wear Franchise 

"I have had bad experiences with other large franchises but No Gears are in a different league...they are a great team to work with." 

 John - Sheffield Franchise 

"All of the groundwork and research is done before trying to recruit for a certain area ensuring that there is enough business for the new instructors" 

Nick - Edgeware - London 

"They care about the reputation of their business, as it is family owned and run, so they make sure their instructors are happy." 

 Robert - Leicester Franchise 

"My work levels have never been so high since I joined No Gears. I often have to turn work away or put them on a waiting list" 

Mike King - Amersham Franchise 

"...their no cost start up package was also very important, not just from a financial aspect, but it also proved to me that No Gears were prepared to make a commitment too." More 

Nick Makawana - Edgware Franchise 

"What I like about them is that they are very responsive, efficient and professional..... they are nice people to! They offered me a no cost start up package which was very important.." More 

Robert Brown - Leicester Franchise 

"The cost of the No Gears franchise is easily covered with the amount of pupils they generate. I never have any doubts about getting enough work and they dont make promises they cant keep." More 

Masood Ginai - Letchworth Franchise 

"My No Gears franchise is hassle free and allows me to work independently, leaving me to focus as an instructor on teaching, as opposed to finding pupils and managing the business. I wouldn't change any part of my No Gears Franchise." More 

Jeff Morgan - Manchester West Franchise 

"They kept all their promises and care about their instructors, unlike other franchises who promised me plenty of work but let me down, and then showed no interest after the initial start up period. " More 

Barry Nickless - Ruislip Franchise 

"In 2010 I had an inkling that I had joined a good company. Over the last 4 years I have seen No Gears grow from strength to strength. Now in 2014 I know I made the right choice - I joined not just a good company but a great company!." More 

John Barker - Sheffield Franchise 

"I can concentrate on the aspects of my business that I enjoy most, teaching, knowing that they will keep my diary full. It's a franchise run by instructors for instructors, and its that inside knowledge and empathy which makes it work. Very well. More 

Jon Paul Brown - Slough Franchise 

"The no cost start up package is a fantastic way to recruit new instructors... All of the groundwork and research is done before trying to recruit in a new area. More 
Rob Burden - Tyne & Wear Franchise 
"I have had a bad experience with another large franchise but No Gears are in a different league. I feel like I am in a secure partnership and their caring friendly approach is reassuring. They are great team to work with ....." More 
Bill Morrow - Watford Franchise 
"Since I joined No Gears they have been very supportive and true to their promise to supply me with enough pupils to keep me busy. The no cost start up option was really important for me as well" More 
Steve Davis - Welwyn Garden City Franchise 
"This is the first franchise that I have ever had that actually delivers what it says. My main regret is that I did not find this franchise earlier in my career. I wasted so many years at other driving schools." More 
Janis Dolan - Manchester North Franchise 
"I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the thought and planning which they had put into the design of the franchise. No Gears provides me wth great service. So often other driving schools have the wrong mind set. This franchise and this company are designed for instructors." More 
Carol MacDonald - Manchester South Franchise 
"My No Gears franchise is amazing. Its simple, fair and Ive never had any problems about getting enough work. There is absolutely nothing I would change about my No Gears franchise. It is without question the best and fairest franchise I have ever had and I know I am always gauranteed work when I need it. More 
Peter West - Reading Franchise 
"I was unsure when I took on my No Gears franchise that I was doing the right thing as I had been an independent driving instructor for such a long time. However I have not looked back since I did this and I would recommend No Gears to anyone." More 
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