Reviews from our Pupil Questionnaire & Trustpilot 

Customer satisfaction is very important to our business. We have been running our own Pupil Questionnaire Programme for the last 10 years, and you can read the most recent pupil comments on this page. We also joined Trustpilot in 2019, the most trusted review company in the UK, to provide independent comments from our pupils, where we are rated as 'Excellent'. 

Pupil Questionnaires Last update 02/07/24 

2 July 2024 
Steve Davies (Welwyn & Hatfield) was a fantastic instructor. He was patient, calm and took the time to explain anything I didn’t understand. He was always reliable and make me feel comfortable in the car. I am really grateful to Steve for helping me pass! 
26 June 2024 
I can't thank James Keefe (Stevenage) from No Gears enough! He made learning to drive an absolute pleasure. His teaching style is fantastic – he provides clear and honest feedback, always pointing out areas for improvement in a constructive and helpful way. This really accelerated my learning and helped me become a confident driver. Thanks to James' guidance, I passed my driving test first time! 
If you're looking for an instructor who offers excellent feedback and helps you develop strong driving skills, then James is your guy. Highly recommended! 
11 June 2024 
I had started my journey of learning to drive almost three years ago and I have always been a very anxious learner. When I did my very first lesson with Bill Morrow (Watford) I never felt any stress or anxiety throughout our lesson! Bill is an excellent instructor, has so much patience, very professional, very knowledgeable and a friendly person that makes you feel more comfortable driving a car. I wouldn’t have passed my test without his support! 5 Stars for Bill! 
3 June 2024 
Brilliant instructor. Polite, professional & very friendly! 
Would definitely recommend Daljit Bains (Leicester) Thank you. 
30 May 2024 
Peter West (Bracknell & Reading) was amazing. After having my confidence knocked in the past, Peter was calm, re-assuring and a great confidence builder when learning to drive. An amazing instructor with tons of patience. 
28 May 2024 
Bill Morrow (Watford) adopted a teaching style that suited me well. He prepared me well not just for passing the test but for being a safe driver in the long term. 
20 May 2024 
Was highly recommended from many of my friends when asked about a good automatic car driving school. Instructor James Keefe (Stevenage) 
14 May 2024 
Alan Smithson (Hertford & Harlow) was a great driving instructor. I was very nervous when I started driving and Alan was very reassuring and helped to calm my nerves, I felt at ease driving with Alan after just a few lessons. Alan was clear, kind and patience, everything you want in an instructor! 
14 May 2024 
Peter West (Bracknell & Reading) is an excellent instructor. He is very gentle and polite and makes the pupil very comfortable. 
7 May 2024 
I looked for a while and could not find an instructor in my local area who had availability or was consistent in returning calls. My partner came across no gears and I was able to schedule lessons with a short wait time. Alan Smithson (Hertford & Harlow) has been very patient and calm throughout. He was reliable and always found alternative ways of explaining things to me, if I ever got confused. He also explains things visually which really helped me. I'm forever grateful to Alan for helping me pass first time! 
29 April 2024 
I recently completed my driving lessons with James Keefe (Stevenage) and I couldn’t be more impressed with the experience. From start to finish, he demonstrated the utmost professionalism, patience, and expertise. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of driving techniques and road safety, which he effectively conveyed in each lesson. His clear instructions and constructive feedback were invaluable in helping me develop my driving skills and confidence on the road. Furthermore, James was always punctual, professional, and flexible with scheduling, making it convenient for me to fit lessons into my busy schedule. Thanks to his guidance and support, I successfully passed my driving test. I am incredibly grateful for his dedication and expertise, and I would highly recommend James to anyone. Overall, my experience with James was exceptional, and I cannot thank him enough for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a confident and safe driver. 
Ching yee tsang 
25 April 2024 
I am lucky to have Peter West (Bracknell & Reading) as my instructor, and I have passed my exam in first attempt. Thanks for giving me lessons and encouraging me to transform into a confident driver on the road. 
15 April 2024 
My experience with my Driving instructor David Kerrigan (Liverpool) was absolutely amazing, I started my lessons with absolutely no driving experience and Dave was very patient with me, he explained and taught me everything thoroughly, he was always ready to answer any questions I had, and he always believed in me. His words of encouragement coming up to my practical driving test was amazing and well needed. My lessons were definitely worth all my money and time because I managed to pass first time! I will forever be grateful. 
9 April 2024 
James Keefe (Stevenage) was attentive, patient, friendly, reliable. Made me laugh which helped my nerves and made me feel relaxed as I struggle with anxiety. A massive thanks to James for helping me hit a milestone in life . 
8 April 2024 
When researching different automatic driving schools this looked like the best place with the best availability. My instructor, Steve Leggett (Watford & Rickmansworth) was amazing. He is a great teacher and I passed my test very quickly. Would definitely recommend him. 
1 April 2024 
Excellent tutorship from Rob Brown (Leicester). Explained everything clearly and was very thorough. Good patience and very good communicator. Would recommend to other learners. 
25 March 2024 
Peter West (Reading & Bracknell) is a very patient instructor. He explained everything in a gentle tone, although I made mistakes many times. He came on time, and concentrated on teaching me. Thank you very much. 
22 March 2024 
I was previously with another company, however, I found the instructor to be very harsh and money orientated compared to Nogears who cared about each student. I heard amazing reviews about the company and they could not be wrong! 5 stars for Nogears. To Barry Nickless (Uxbridge) thank you so much for everything, I could not have passed without you. You were such a patient instructor and your strategies were the best, thank you. 
18 March 2024 
Steve Davies (Hatfield) was very patient, professional. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. 
12 March 2024 
Peter West (Reading) was amazing, very calm and explained everything very well. Learning how to drive with Peter, and no gears, was simple and easy. 
11 March 2024 
Thanks to my instructor Daljit Bains (Leicester), I passed first time, he was professional, patient with me and taught me all I needed to know. I'll always recommend NoGears anyway, anytime. Thanks. 
4 March 2024 
I looked at different automatic driving schools online and thought Nogears was right for both me and my daughter. Daljit Bains (Leicester) was very good for us, he was patient and very understanding. He got me through my lessons and I passed my test first time. Thank you for everything. 
27 February 2024 
Couldn't fault my driving lessons with Barry Nickless (Ruislip & Uxbridge). He's a really good instuctor, very thorough and makes sure you know it all before your test. I felt very prepared and fairly confident going in thanks to Barry! Would 100% recommend. 
23 January 2024 
Robert Brown (Leicester) was always on time, gave me the needed nuggets to pass the very frist time. Rob was patient and I highly recommend him. I have gained lifelong driving skills and knowledge. 
12 January 2024 
I would highly recommend my driving instructor Alan Smithson (Hertford & Harlow). Very patient, friendly and immediately put me at ease. As a very nervous person, I never thought I would be able to pass a driving test, let alone first time! 
8 January 2024 
James Keefe (Stevenage) was a delight to work with. He was very personable and professional. Pointing out habits which would lead to one not being successful during a practical test. He was sure and definitely had a depth and breath of driving knowledge. His lessons were never a bore. I would highly recommend him, especially for people who might be nervous or newer drivers. 
23 December 2023 
I was finding manual really difficult and was rapidly losing confidence with driving. I found NOGEARS through Google and read so many positive reviews. Robert Brown (Leicester) is brilliant. He is calm, patient and a very effective teacher. He soothed a lot of my driving anxiety, particularly about a few negative experiences with other instructors, not from NOGEARS. 
19 December 2023 
After trying manual and not finding it easy, I decided to give automatic a try and found it so much better. I chose NOGEARS after hearing good reviews about them and got put on a waiting list which I was not on for very long before I had an instructor. My instructor Alan Smithson (Hertford & Harlow) was very calm and patient with me. He explained things clearly to me and made sure I understood before moving onto something else. He helped me with any questions or concerns I had. He made sure I was confident and ready for my test and if it wasn't for him I don't think I would've past my test so quickly.  
6 December 2023 
Robert Brown (Leicester) was the best instructor I could have asked for. Always on time, and would go the extra mile to help me even if we went over my hours. He never got annoyed or frustrated if I did something wrong, just asked me what happened after we'd parked up to make sure I knew what to improve. I always get comments about how excellent my driving is and how I must have had a great teacher. His teaching was truly superb. Would absolutely recommend Rob if you're looking to learn automatic and want a calm collected instructor. 
3 December 2023 
I initially took lessons with another instructor. I contacted NOGEARS who allocated me Steve Leggett (Watford & Rickmansworth) and from lesson one the difference was amazing. Steve pushed me out of my comfort zone, whilst at the same time making me feel more confident. I no longer had that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach as lessons approached and actually would look forward to them. I started to believe that just maybe I could do this! After 3 months of 1 lesson a week, I took my test and PASSED FIRST TIME!! I cannot thank Steve enough and would 200% recommend him to anyone, young or old, wishing to learn to drive! Steve is an expert driving instructor who I am convinced could take anyone to pass standard..... even the most apprehensive of puils like me! 
20 November 2023 
I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to do automatic and what's affordable and relatable lessons. The instructors (Leicester) are amazing people and once you get to know them, they will help you to the best of their ability and will get you to test standard. Best experience of my life. 
M K 
27 October 2023 
Jon-Paul Brown (Slough & Windsor) was an amazing, genuine and calm instructor. I would recommend him to anyone and am really grateful to him for me finally passing!  
26 October 2023 
Bill Morrow (Watford) was a great instructor. He was patient, clear with instructions and very sociable. He made me feel comfortable and confident each lesson, and ultimately helped me to succeed in my driving test! 
16 October 2023 
Good reviews for Bill Morrow (Watford) made me choose NOGEARS. William is a great driving instructor - 5 stars. 
9 October 2023 
Barry Nickless (Ruislip & Uxbridge) was a very calm and patient instructor, he really helped me overcome my driving nerves which I had been struggling with for many years. After lessons with Barry, I was able to pass on my first time with only two minors! I was super duper happy, Barry answered all my questions and he catered to my requirements. I highly recommend NoGears and I highly recommend Barry Nickless as an instructor. 
3 October 2023 
Steve Davies (Hatfield) is very patient with my repeated mistakes, and I am grateful he kept me safe throughout my learning. He customised each lesson to suit my needs. I was well prepared and passed fitst time. I almost gave up learning to drive after struggling with manual lessons but NoGears gave me hope and now I am independent! 
2 October 2023 
Alan Smithson (Hertford & Harlow) was very kind and patient. He prepared me very well for my test and by the time it came around I felt ready to pass. 
19 June 2023 
I had the pleasure of learning to drive with Peter West (Reading) and I cannot recommend him highly enough. From the very first lesson, it was clear that Peter was not only knowledgeable but also extremely patient and supportive. He took time to understand my strengths and weaknesses, tailoring each lesson to address my specific needs. 
Peter's teaching style was exceptional. he explained complex manoeuvres and concepts in a way that was easy to understand, making even the most challenging task feel manageable. What impressed me the most about Peter was his dedication and commitment to my success. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was well prepared for my driving test. He patiently guided me through various road scenarios and provided valuable feedback. 
Thanks to Peter's expertise, I passed my driving test with flying colours. If you're looking for an exceptional instructor, look no further than Peter. He is not only a skilled teacher but also a true professional who is passionate about his work. Learning to drive with him was a fantastic experience. 
26 May 2023 
My driving instructor Rob Brown (Leicester) was professional, very punctual and very informative when teaching. Everything was thorough and I learned each subject in a timely manner. 
11 May 2023 
I had NoGears recommended to me by my partner who used NoGears and passed her test. From start to finish very helpful and professional. My instructor Jon-Paul Brown (Ascot & Windsor) was always great, I never had any issues at all. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. 
24 April 2023  
My experience was the best from start to finish!! My instructor Daljit Bains (Leicester) was polite and patient and understanding of me being an overall nervous person. He helped me build that up over time and always made my lessons feel successful and made sure I was 100% ready for my pass! 5* Would recommed to everyone! 
21 April 2023 
I was recommended to automatic by a freind and never looked back after my first lesson. Steve Davies (Hatfield) was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always on time and dropping me back at the right time ensuring I got my moneys worth every time. He was very relaxed which enabled me to be as confident as possible when learning. The experience he shared allowed me to pass with no faults at all and for that I'll be forever grateful. 
11 April 2023 
After I stopped doing manual lessons, I struggled to find an automatic driving instructor. Luckily, I was reffered to NOGEARS and the process of being connected with an automatic driving instructor was so quick and easy. So immediately after I signed up to NOGEARS, I didn't look back. My instructor Steve Legget (Rickmansworth) was amazing. He eased me through the lesson and made me feel totally comfortable on the roads, resulting in a boost in my confidence. I am forever grateful.  
28 March 2023 
My instructor Alan Smithson (Hertford & Ware) was great at helping me through my driving lessons. very patient, calming and professional when helping me learn how to drive. I'd highly recommend Nogears and Alan to anyone looking to start driving lessons in the area. 
14 March 2023 
James Keefe (Stevenage) was hands down the best instructor I've had. James was really easy to talk too, whether that was a general chit chat about some random topic, straight down to the principals of learning. Jame's laid back approach made it much easier to learn from mistakes, which meant that I passed first time with only 5 minors. Look after Jame's he's one in a million! 
20 February 2023 
NOGEARS were my first choice when researching instructors and from the first try I got an amazing one. I am very happy that Barry Nickless (Ruislip & Uxbridge) was my instructor, he was amazing, extremely patient, thorough and made learning fun and easy to understand. 
1 February 2023 
Barry Nickless (Uxbridge) is an excellent instructor, calm and understanding. And with his help, I was able to pass my driving test on my first try. 
26 January 2023 
NOGEARS was recommended to me by a friend. My instructor Daljit Bains (Leicester) explained to me thoroughly about what is expected for me to pass my test and helped me achieve this. He was patient and calm throughout all my lessons, which I appreciate. 
23 January 2023 
Steve Leggett (Rickmansworth) was an exceptional instructor. I will remember learning to drive with Steve for the rest of my life. He really was outstanding and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an automatic instructor. I felt so nervous about driving and after my first lesson, I couldn't wait to get back to it! Thank you Steve. 
20 January 2023 
If you're lucky enough to have Steve Davies (Hatfield) as your instructor, so long as you take what he says onboard, it'll be hard to go wrong with his guidance. Consistent and on time and let's you know with ample warning, ahead of your lesson, if anything needs to change. Preps you very well ahead of the exam on what to expect, but as with most learning I would do your own revision outside of lessons just to help build muscle memory. No complaints at all, passed first time in some pretty poor weather conditions, all round a great experience. 
19 January 2023 
Daljit Bains (Leicester) was a great driving instructor. Extremely knowledgeable. Very calm and reassuring. In driving situations I'd usually be anxious, I felt safe. I will miss his guidance as I venture out on my own. His teaching was brilliant - 5 stars - thank you. 
12 January 2023 
I choose NOGEARS after I had read all the reviews of local automatic driving instructors and they were really great. I have received the best driving education I could ask for. My instructor Bill Morrow (Watford) made sure I was ready and confident at each step. Bill's a great instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. 
18 December 2022 
I selected NOGEARS after having a bad experience with a previous company, and I'm so glad I did, it was a much cheaper option and I had a lovely instructor. Barry Nickless (Uxbridge) was very professional, he remained calm at all times and I passed first time, so it just goes to show how good Barry is! 
9 December 2022 
I decided to go with NOGEARS as I had seen them around my estate and thought I'd give them a try. I am so glad I did! I would just like to say Daljit Bains (Leicester) was calm at all times, which put me at ease. He explained everything in such a way that was easy for me to understand. 
5 December 2022 
When I decided to drive Automatic I needed a driving school near me. There were a few, but the one I choose was NOGEARS as it has excellent reviews and the instructors sounded really down to earth and fun, and I wasn't dissapointed. I would like to say a big thank you to instructor Alan Smithson (Hertford & Harlow) with his excellent knowledge of my test route and dedication to helping me achive passing my driving test first time, and we had a lot of laughs along the way. 
23 November 2022 
Peter West (Reading) was so amazing, he kept me calm and was very patient. I found him very easy to talk too. He was very fleible if I ever needed to rearrange a lesson. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends that are looking to learn to drive. 
21 November 2022 
Robert Brown (Leicester) was a fantastic instructor, he has a very friendly personality and put me at ease from the very first lesson. He was both patient and informative. I feel very confident now when on the road. 
18 November 2022 
Carl Slater (Bolton & Bury) was an amazing instructor and so easy to get along with. Carl has been my 3rd instructor over the years and I had taken a 6 year break from learning to drive before starting with him. He made me feel at ease straight away and my condidence driving shot up almost immediately. Although I'm incredibly happy I have passed, I am sad I won't be driving with Carl anymore and listening to his awful jokes! 
12 October 2022 
Alan Smithson (Hertford & Harlow) made learning very easy and straight forward and prepared me very well for my test. 
3 October 2022 
Having struggled with previous instructors, I found Carl Slater (Bolton & Bury) to be much more patient and understanding. I felt so relaxed and at ease on my lessons. I have since recommended Carl/Nogears to friends of mine. 
21 September 2022 
I would like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Robert Brown (Leicester). His patience and dedication in making me a good driver hasn't gone unnoticed. I can't thank Rob enough for giving me the confidence and enjoyment of being a driver - thank you Rob. 
7 September 2022 
James Keefe (Stevenage & Knebworth) is a brilliant instructor. Made me feel so confident when driving, always went above & beyond for me. I honestly couldn't thank him enough - passed my driving test 1st time! 
25 August 2022 
Peter West (Bracknell & Reading) was absolutely the best instructor I've ever had, he is the most patient and softly spoken man I've ever met. He was very welcoming and made me feel so relaxed. I can't thank him enough for getting me through my test first time - Peter you're a legend. 
22 August 2022 
My brother passed with NoGears and encouraged me to try them. My instructor Robert Brown (Leicester) had endless patience with me and really helped me build my confidence behind the wheel. I'm so glad I chose NoGears and very thankful! 
15 August 2022 
Barry Nickless (South Ruislip) was calm and patient with me, particularly as we had to stop and start several times due to Covid, and also long waits between practical tests. Barry is really easy going and I acutally enjoyed my lessons with Barry, as we often had a good laugh and chat. I would recommend Barry for anyone who is looking to get their licence a little later in life. 
4 August 2022 
Robert Brown (Leicester) was very understanding for the way I need to learn, and he is very approachable. If I had any concerns or questions, and if I didn't understand what he was trying to teach me, he had pictures in a booklet to help me. Cheers Rob for the brilliant learning experience. 
1 August 2022 
Very good instructor. Peter West (Bracknell & Reading) was very patient and clear in his instructions at all times. He gave me constructive feedback at the end of every session which helped a lot. He repeatedly reminded me of important things that I need to keep in mind during every session, so when I took the test, I was very comfortable driving. He also gave me mock tests before my test which are essential to give you a feel of what test day may look like. 
31 July 2022 
No Gears was recommended to me by a friend. I was very nervous, but my instructor Robert Brown (Leicester) made me feel at ease straight away and always made me feel comfortable when I didn't quite understand something or do somthing right first time. 
18 July 2022 
Carl Slater (Bolton & Bury) was great - the most patient instructor I could have asked for. He put me at ease and adapted to my learning. 
3 July 2022 
Bill Morrow (Watford) was a fantastic instructor, he has a very friendly personality and put me at ease from the very first lesson. He was patient, informative and thanks to him, I feel confident when on the road. 
18 June 2022 
David Kerrigan (Liverpool) is an amazing instructor. I was extremely anxious when I started and he was patient and explained things thoroughly. He has a fabulous way of teaching and I can't believe how quick he taught me to drive. I passed my test first time and I would just like to thank him again for everything as I never thought it would be possible for me to be where I am now. 
15 June 2022 
My driving instructor Bill Morrow (Watford) was amazing. He was very patient with teaching me and making sure I was 100% confident when it came to my test. I would definitely recommend him. 
14 June 2022 
Bill Morrow (Watford) was beyond excellent. Very kind and caring and always funny which made the lessons as relaxing as possible. Always reassuring when I felt slightly worried. I would recommend Bill to anyone! 
10 April 2022 
I am using this space to express my gratitude towards my driving instructor Neil Rabson (Harrogate). He is very patient, understanding, professional and a great motivator. He made me very relaxed during my lesson. He will not only teach you to pass your test but to be a good driver. I strongly recommend No Gears when searching for a good institute and instructor. 
6 April 2022 
My instructor was Daljit Bains (Leicester) was brilliant; he was very patient and had lots of referene points for each lesson he taught. He had multiple resources and would explain things in a very clear manner. 
1 April 2022 
I would like to highly praise my instructor Carl Slater. He is very clam and nice. He made me omfortable when driving and I would loke to recommend him to anyone who is starting the journey of training. 
9 February 2022 
I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with instructor James Keefe, not only because of his wonderful personality, or even his experiene in driving but beause of his determination to go the extra mile when teaching his students. Unlike previous instructors, he doesn't give up on you. His goal is to take you above and beyond test standard, and he genuinely cares about you and your driving future. If you are taking lessons with him - you won't be disappointed! 
29 January 2022 
My instructor Daljit Bains was so patient and helped me with not only the driving but the theory too! He always worked around me and when I could do a lesson and even squeezed me in and changed days/times when my oriignal test was booked. Explained everything properly so I understood and just made me feel at ease whilst in the car. I would definitely recommend him he was so amazing in helping me pass first time with just 1 minor! Thank you so much!! 
28 January 2022 
Daljit Bains was the best instructor I ever met. I passed my driving test for the first time becuase of him. His teaching techniques are vey clear to understand. I want to thank him again. 
23 November 2021 
My insructor Rob Brown was amazing. He was patient, friendly, but firm and fair. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I passed first time thanks to Rob's help. The examiner actually said your instructor has taught you well. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Rob, I couldn't have done it without you... you're a star!!!! 
15 September 2021 
Ryan Mircic is a Brilliant instructor, very patient and thorough. Would definitely recommend No Gears. 
22 August 2021 
The whole experience was great, even during a time that wasn't the easiest becuase of Covid - Instructor: Bill Morrow 
14th April 2020 
Tried to learn previously in a manual and couldnt get bite point properly.Thought learning in an automatic would be easier and would allow me a more relaxing drive. It definitely turned out to be the case. Feel like I have more thinking time. Also aware that electric vehicles are going to be the future and they will all be automatics. Rob Brown made me feel at ease in every lesson. I was very nervous to be begin with and towards the end I felt much more confident. Passed my exam second time. Cant wait to get driving. 
28th March 2020 
James Keefe was very patient with me and gave a very good foundation to pass the test. Thank you for all your help ! 
11th March 2020 
Peter West was a great instructor, he was very patient with me and was calming. 
10th March 2020 
James Keefe is the ultimate tutor, he is really thorough and professional. I think he leaves no stone unturned in getting the best out of the student. With no Gears, you've got no fears! 
8th March 2020 
James Keefe was fantastic. He has been teaching me since the start and very much focuses and tailors to your ability. He has many many teaching tools and always gives verbal and written feedback for every lesson. He is a personable instructor and works to make you comfortable. I have used other driving schools who simply sit and watch you drive with no feedback. James is very much motivated to keep you safe on the roads and supports you in every way. Thank you again. 
5th March2020 
My Instructor Bill Morrow was always on time, very clear with his instructions and taught everything very well. If I had any questions, he was happy to teach it to me and made sure I was able to do it when driving. He made sure I was able to do everything good before saying that I am ready for my test. My experience with him has been great! Would highly recommend! 
4th March 2020 
I can't thank Bill Morrow enough! He took his time teaching me how to be a safe driver and I passed! I 1000% stand by no gears as the best auto driving school! Thank you 
4th March 2020 
I’ve had 4 different instructors but I have to say Jon Brown was the best instructor I’ve had and I will be recommending No Gears because of him. In the first lesson he helped me understand roundabouts which I couldn’t seem to understand with the other 3 instructors (from different companies). He was patient and always professional and had a good way of explaining things. 
25th February 2020 
David Kerrigan is an excellent instructor. His teaching is systematic, very clear and full of useful tips. He is very patient, calm and encourages you in a positive way. He prepared me very well for my practical test. This helped a lot on the day and I passed the first time with only one minor mistake! I am now taking pass plus lessons with David and I am really enjoying these lessons. 
21st February 2020 
I’ll recommend No Gears to anyone because Steve Davies was a good instructor and very calm, never lose his temper cause I know it was frustrating for me when am getting things wrong. 
4th February 2020 
I already knew how to drive an automatic, having held a US license for the past 17 years. I only needed to get comfortable with driving on the left, know how the practical test was structured and what examiners were looking for. Tim is a great instructor and helped me get comfortable with driving on British roads. 
30th January 2020 
My instructor John Avery was amazing. He gave so many useful tips, not only to pass the exam, but also regarding how to drive safely after clearing the exam. 
I cleared my exam with only 2 minor mistakes. Can’t thank him enough :) 
Samantha K 
29th January 2020 
I tried to do manual but could not get on with it so decided to do automatic. I looked at different companies but no gears was the cheapest around and had good reviews. My instructor was great he explained things in ways I could understand he helped me enough that I passed first time. 
Harpreet S 
27th January 2020 
I came across No Gears as a respected and recommended driving school and explained to them my previous driving learning experience. I was placed with the legend that is Barry Nickless who transformed me from an anxious, worried and fearful driver to a confident, capable driver who now enjoys driving! Barry was the perfect combination of enthusiastic and reassuring whilst always remaining patient with me. We shared a similar sense of humour that made me look forward to lessons and I came away from each lesson feeling more confident than the last. He always encouraged me but never raised his voice or shouted unlike my previous crash course driving instructor. On the day of my test Barry was supportive and encouraging and I’m delighted to say I passed with 4 minors! In hindsight I’m so pleased that I failed the crash course as I wouldn’t have felt confident driving on quiet roads let alone the motorway. Now I feel confident and capable and in control and will continue to remember all of Barry’s wise words for years to come. I can’t praise Barry enough - he truly is a legend and I wouldn’t have been able to pass without him! 
Chantelle S 
20th January 2020 
I previously learnt in a manual and found that I was getting very flustered. As soon as I started my lessons with Jim my confidence increased in no time, driving an automatic made me feel so much more at ease! Being a young mum of 1, I wanted to pass my test as soon as possible and Jim allowed for that to happen! He always kept me calm, was easy to talk to his time keeping was outstanding! I highly recommend him to anyone. Jim, thank you again you were a wonderful instructor! 
Sarah R 
8th January 2020 
My lessons where made very relaxed and enjoyable even though I’m now driving I’m kinda missing my weekly lesson. No Gears have been blooming brilliant - I loved my lessons! 
Joanne R 
2nd January 2020 
I am so pleased to have passed my driving test after many years of learning, my instructor has been an extremely patient instructor and I passed my test under his tuition, I feel he was thorough and gave me time until I felt confident enough to go for my test, I would like to say thank you to Carl Slater and No Gears driving school for getting me through my test and I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive. 
Patricia Z 
18th December 2019 
I tried manual before and struggled for a while and changed to automatic. My friend recommended No Gears. Carl Slater is the best instructor if he can make someone like me drive and pass. l was so nervous when l started but the way he teaches make you calm and relaxed. 
Daniel W 
18th December 2019 
I tried learning to drive a manual car back in 2016 and definitely could not get the hang of it. I have problems with my foot anyway so I’d find using the clutch to be a bit of a challenge. Since the years passed I’d found a NoGears advert online and gave them a go. Very pleased I did because with enough perseverance of keeping at the lessons and with Ryan Mircic's continued patience with me throughout, I finally passed my test with only 5 minor faults. Couldn’t recommend Ryan highly enough! Thanks again! 
Ilse C 
13th December 2019 
As an anxious driver and after years of trying manual, it made sense to give automatic cars a try. Dean was a great driving instructor. He squashed my anxiety as soon as I got in there car. His confidence was infectious and made me feel safe driving. Can't recommend him enough. 
Elizabeth H 
12th December 2019 
Adam Kelly was a great instructor. I came into this experience very anxious as my previous instructor (manual) had managed to really make me lose all confidence in driving, and I was dreading starting lessons again. Adam was extremely calm and always made me feel like I was doing a good job, unlike my previous instructor. Always on time and never had to change or cancel a lesson. It was a completely different experience and I would recommend automatic lessons (and Adam) to anyone that was struggling, and/or maybe has left learning to drive a little later in life. Everything seemed very sensible and well paced, and thanks to his advice I passed first time, at over 6 months pregnant. No Gears was helpful in getting in touch with me to suggest Adam when he had the availability, and always great communication with the office. 
Val B 
6th December 2019 
As someone who suffers with anxiety I never thought I would learn to drive but Jim is a fantastic instructor. Patient, calm and never got stressed or angry with all my mistakes whilst learning. I would recommend No Gears to anyone wanting to learn to drive an automatic car. 
Marisha S 
2nd December 2019 
My No Gears instructor Bill Morrow, is a very meticulous guy. He made sure I made no mistakes before attempting the exam, Otherwise he wouldn't recommend me taking the test. Only when he is sure about my calibre, he would not hold me back. He actually cleared many of my fundamental doubts regarding crossroad, roundabouts etc. His way of teaching is a very very safe driving approach, which is very useful in longer run of life, not just for passing the test. He is extremely patient, his techniques are simple, he has customised his car in such a way, that learning is simplified for his pupils. My experience with him has been fantastic. would highly recommend him! 
Kim S 
30th November 2019 
I have driven Manual cars in the past but after my husband changed to Automatic I thought I would give it a go, and I loved it, more relaxing. After passing my driving test I would like to say a very big thank you to Robert Brown for his encouragement, patience and his friendly manner. From day one Rob put me completely at ease. A true professional who made learning to drive fun. I passed first time Amazing 😄 Thanks again 👍 
Kimberly P 
29th November 2019 
James Keefe is a brilliant instructor. He puts his pupil at ease and knows how to adapt himself to teach others. I would recommend him to my friends. No Gears needs to improve on ringing people back about spaces as I waited 2 months and I had to ring again. A text with how many students are in front would be nice to know. 
Marie-Claire R 
21st November 2019 
Due to work, study and running the family home I have very little free time so needed to try and pass more quickly. Found trying to learn in a manual was taking a long time so went with automatic. James is a fantastic instructor - straightforward and honest and he went above and beyond, giving me reading material to help me deal with anxiety while learning to drive. He helped me boost my confidence and self belief. Lessons were challenging but fun! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. 
Anthony A 
15th November 2019 
Would like to thanks No Gears for their great service. Would also like to thank Barry Nickless for all of his time and expertise in teaching me how to drive. His continual, professional approach to teaching is admirable. I always felt I was in safe hands whilst learning and was always confident in my driving lessons. Complete dedication and always available for extra lessons and help, really made my experience great. Many thanks for everything No Gears and Barry! 
Asya J 
29th October 2019 
I tried manual but I couldn’t be bothered with learning the gearbox and needed to learn to drive fast as I commute a lot everyday. I saw Jon’s profile picture and knew No Gears was the one. I will always be grateful to Jon Brown for what a positive experience my lessons were - I have no fear out driving and am well equipped to deal with any situation! 
29th October 2019 
Previously I did manual driving lessons which I just couldn't get the hang of so I decided to go automatic which I found to be A LOT easier! Ruth was an excellent driving instructor, taught me everything I needed to know.. she was really patient with me and when I did pass my driving test I only received 2 minors. Would highly recommend! 
Morena H 
29th October 2019 
My instructor was brilliant, he really teaches well and I was so happy to have a lesson every week with him. His methods really suited me well and I felt confident driving. 
29th October 2019 
My instructor was very professional,calm and made my learning experiences less stressful. He didn't called me bad names or was rude to me like some are. He's the best and would recommend him to anyone that wants to start their lessons. I cannot thank him enough. 
Justyna M 
25th October 2019 
Steve was extremely patient, he is a wonderful teacher.He was also flexible and accomodating regarding lessons times etc. What I also enjoyed is that Steve wouldnt give praise if it wasnt earned, he would provide constructive feedback when it was required. He was honest about my progress. Great experience all in all. I will recommend lessons with Steve. 
Oluwadamilola O 
16th October 2019 
No Gears was recommended to me, and I also read more about them. I am happy I chose No Gears because they are simply the best. Rob Brown was an excellent instructor. He was patient with me all the way, put me through all I need to know for a lifetime of driving excellence. He was also very organized and will notify me of upcoming lessons. He doesn't mind explaining anything as many times as possible. I will recommend No Gears to anyone. 
Kirsty Lawrence 
14th October 2019 
I am so pleased with my experience with No Gears. My instructor Barry was very patient with me and thanks to his great teaching I was able to pass first time! Would highly recommend. 
3rd October 2019 
My instructor was fab, very patient, he is a very professional polite person and made me feel extra comfortable on every lesson, would highly recommended. I also want hjm to teach my son and daughter in the near future 
Ioana C 
25th September 2019 
I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors and for that I have to thank James Keefe. He gave me the confidence and the knowledge to drive at a high standard. Extremely patient and friendly he simplified everything and this made it easy to learn. I would ask questions if i didn’t understand and he would guide me through my mistakes. Will definitely be recommending him to others! Thank you James! 
Gareth W 
11th September 2019 
I had a couple of hours in a manual car and found it frustrating and decided to go automatic to make it more enjoyable. I looked for an automatic driving school and came across No Gears online. Dino made me feel at ease and made learning easier. 
George P 
11th September 2019 
I would like to thnk James immensely for helping me pass my driving test. He was a fantastic instructor. Thank you to No Gears as well for helping me, thanks. 
Hollie Y 
6th September 2019 
Peter was an excellent teacher, very patient and kind. I feel he has taught me everything I need to know and encouraged me to be confident with my driving. Thank you ever so much, Peter. 
Aditya M 
3rd September 2019 
My parents never wanted me learning manual as they were concerned about the safety aspect, in their experience, they learned manual and once they went automatic they never went back. No Gears seemed to be very professional and it was the first link that came up. Overall a very good experience with a great instructor John Avery. He helped me out a lot and made the learning experience very enjoyable. 
James R 
2nd September 2019 
My instructor Ron Richardson was patient and understanding. He always kept his cool, even when I made serious mistakes, which suited my needs as a student. At the same time, Ron was always pushing me to put in for my theory and book my practical test. He wanted me to pass, and wanted me to pass as quickly as I was able. I'm happy to say Ron's cool, calm and collected approach to teaching, as well as his friendly and open demeanor, meant that I passed my test first time, enjoyed my lessons and made a friend I will definitely keep in touch with. 
Linda J 
16th August 2019 
Would recommend this driving school if looking to drive an Automatic they are the best, especially my instructor Paul. 
1st August 2019 
David was the best instructor I've ever had (I had 2 instructors before) he was very calm and very professional during the lessons. Never got angry or shouted at me because of my mistakes and make my learning experience very pleasant. Defo suggest him to everyone who's looking for an amazing instructor. 
Natasha P 
1st August 2019 
I'd previously tried to learn with a manual car and I just couldn't get my head around it. A colleague had just passed with the company so it was a natural choice. Jeff was amazing I honestly couldn't ask for a better driving instructor. He went above and beyond for me, anybody would be lucky to have the pleasure of meeting and learning with Jeff. 
23rd July 2019 
No gears was the most common and well known company I could think of and the ratings and comments are on the most part very positive, holding a good reputation and made me think that this was the perfect place to learn from. My instructor was very easy to get along with making me very comfortable when driving and I learned a lot from him. Very experienced at what he does. 
Layla G 
22nd July 2019 
My driver instructor James was very patient and understanding when teaching me how to drive. He was also extremely flexiable which was brilliant. James was encouraging and always told me I could do it. Massive thanks to him 
Kimberley D 
3rd July 2019 
I choose automatic after trying manual 10 years ago and didn’t get on with it. My no gears instructor Rob was so professional, patient and calm which I needed being a very nervous learner. Would recommend him to anyone. 
Daniel R 
30th June 2019 
Having wanted to finally get on and get my license and having always found using gears a distraction while previously learning, I felt automatic was the best route for me and I am very glad I did. I can't recommend and thank James highly enough for all of his excellent driving instruction and coaching, both from a technical point of view but also mental perspective of being prepared for the test. His methods are both fantastic and memorable and having having only now been driving for under 2 weeks, I am still using all of the driving sayings and tips he taught me on route to passing. 
13th June 2019 
I chose to learn in automatic as I felt it would be easier and as someone who was nervous about starting driving it relieved some of the pressure. My instructor Bill was great! If I was ever struggling he was always so patient and he was also very good at calming the nerves of driving for the first time and before the test. He was funny and I always looked forward to my lessons with him. 
Dave G 
13th June 2019 
Jeff was an absolute pleasure to work with. Immediately putting me at ease after some difficulties with previous tuition over the years, I grew in confidence from the first lesson and by the time I passed I was driving to a good standard and enjoying it immensely. After passing, I have used the things that he taught me to get a lot of miles under my belt. Thank you Jeff for your friendly and professional style, and for all the little tips. 
Helen B 
11th June 2019 
I had started learning many years ago and was not comfortable or confident with the gears and was not great when changing down to approach a junction or stopping, so I decided to try learning in an automatic car and it was the best decision I have ever made. Rob Burden is fantastic and I would happily recommend him to anyone that is keen to learn to drive an automatic car. He is such a lovely man and put me at ease immediately and made me very confident to drive. I passed on my 1st attempt and am now waiting delivery of my 1st car. Wish I had done this so much sooner. 
11th June 2019 
I tried manual but never got the hang of it. I was always very nervous when driving however my instructor Steve had a lot of patience with me and always explained things in a way that I could understand. I am now much more confident on the roads thanks to my instructor. 
11th June 2019 
I decided to try automatic because I thought it would be easier to drive, and I wanted to pass quickly. Ryan was great. He was very patient with me, very calm and he made me pass, so he's a great instructor. Highly recommended. 
Maria Q 
5th June 2019 
Thank you Carl and No Gears driving for helping me pass my driving. I had my babygirl on my due date and relieved to get my car as it will help me get around. Due to my mobility disability I was concerned how I was going to manage with a baby on public transport. Carl's teaching methods helped me relax and understand as he would explain things and show me visually by going over what I did wrong. He always found the time to fit me in, was welcoming and understanding and I was able to talk to him about my fears to do with driving and passing, instead of keeping them to myself, as sometimes I doubted myself that I would pass due to the mistakes I was making. 
Elizabeth P 
2nd June 2019 
I had tried learning to drive a manual car when I was 17 and hated it. I suddenly found myself in a position where I needed to drive for work, so I decided to give automatic a go. I was a very nervous learner who, deep down, never felt I had the ability to drive. I had had quite a negative experience with driving in the past and I was very reluctant to pick up driving again, especially in Reading, where I live. 
From the first lesson Jim make me feel relaxed. He has a great sense of humour but is very professional and reliable. He is thorough in his approach and explains things well. He was also very calm and understanding when I made mistakes. 
I honestly believe I would not have passed my test without his help. 
Mazine L 
24th May 2019 
Today I passed my test first time with one minor at St Helen's test centre, my driving instructor was Ron Richardson he is based in Rainhill. He has simply been marvellous - he took me from a very nervous driver to a confident, safe driver. He was always so patient with me and always eased my nerves, and gave me confidence, and made me believe in myself! My driving lessons where always so relaxed and I always looked forward to learning to drive driving with Ron! I want you to know how truly amazing I think he is! He takes the time out to be a friend as well as a teacher and because of him I can confidently and safely continue to widen my knowledge on the road. I am forever grateful to Ron for all his help and advice, that man deserves a medal! Wonderful instructor - you have definitely got yourself a gem there! Thank you to Ron and No Gears for making my driving experience positive. 
Joanna G 
23rd May 2019 
James was really good to learn with. I feel like he had taught me to a really high standard and now that I have a car I am confident driving. I would like to thank James very much for the time he spent teaching me and the patience he showed. 
14th May 2019 
Barry was great, made me feel at ease. Gave praise where necessary and whenever there was improvement to made he would teach the right way instead of making you feel uncomfortable. Couldn’t fault him! Thanks Barry! 
Kerry L 
14th May 2019 
My No Gears instructor made me feel comfortable and also helped with my confidence. He pushed me to ensure my driving was up to test standards and more, that’s why I passed my test first time!. 
Claire A 
13th May 2019 
Steve was a very patient and calm driving instructor. I liked the way he just remained calm and this helped me as I am a nervous person! He always responded to my texts pretty quickly and was always good at accommodating me with time as I have two kids and work so its hard to find the time. 
Julian E 
1st May 2019 
I'd initially had a lesson with Jim in Reading, but wasn't able to book my exam in Reading within the timeframes I'd hoped for (i.e., we're going on holiday to the US in early May and I needed to get my licence before we left), so switched to Jon who provided lessons in Maidenhead and Slough. They were both excellent! Boosted my confidence - I haven't really driven much in 10 years and drive like a Yank! :) - gave me great tips on what examiners would be looking for and very helpful tips to ensure that, even as a seasoned driver, I was able to succeed! 
28th April 2019 
Highly recommend No Gears and Daljit - hugely experienced instructor who was patient, offered constructive feedback and set achievable goals to work towards. Thank you for helping me believe in myself and ultimately pass my test! 
Ian G 
26th April 2019 
I had been scared of driving all my life and found automatic easier to try and learn. I chose No Gears because they were the only driving school I could find in the small time frame I had to try and pass my test. James is an excellent instructor, firm but fair, which is exactly what I needed to push me to pass. He was also calm and understanding if I made any errors. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start driving an automatic car. 
Emma F 
25th April 2019 
I chose automatic as I had a bad experience learning to drive in a manual car when I was younger. A lot of my family also drive automatics so it seemed like a sensible choice. I had seen No Gears in my area and they had excellent reviews online and social media. Carl my instructor was very patient and made every lesson enjoyable. He was a great teacher and I would recommend him to anyone looking to drive an automatic car. 
David T 
19th April 2019 
Dean is one of the best instructors in the business for sure. I passed first time with three minor faults thanks to him. 
Fraser G 
15th April 2019 
John was an amazing teacher: so calm and patient. The teaching was natural and I felt at ease at all times. Can’t thank him enough for my first time pass! Have recommended your company, and John in particular, to several friends 
15th April 2019 
Never imagined I would be driving, tried manuals and always gave up and never felt comfortable with any instructor, but I have passed my test first time today and it’s all down to Ron my instructor with No gears. He is patient, professional, friendly and put me at ease immediately. He showed me certain ways to make manoeuvres so much easier and built my confidence up with every lesson. Thank you so much Ron.. give that man a medal! 
Fraser G 
15th April 2019 
John was an amazing teacher: so calm and patient. The teaching was natural and I felt at ease at all times. Can’t thank him enough for my first time pass! Have recommended your company, and John in particular, to several friends 
2nd April 2019 
Brilliant experience with No Gears. Jon was a fantastic driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. He was calm, clear, friendly, professional and I could not have passed my test without his excellent teaching. I would recommend Jon to everyone. 
Pam Mc 
2nd April 2019 
Learning to drive at my age was a decision I didn't take lightly, so I really needed someone to teach me that didn't think it was too late for me. Jeff was brilliant and made me feel completely at ease and more than capable of achieving my ambition. 
Sam N 
2nd April 2019 
I wanted to learn in an automatic rather than a manual because its easier and faster to l;earn. No Gears was local to me and I had heard that they were good. My instructor Mervyn was great and very helpful and attentive too. 
Emily K 
19th March 2019 
I have mild cerebral palsy and I was recommended by my doctor to drive automatic. My dad had seen the No Gears cars and when we looked into it they came highly recommended. My instructor Jim was amazing and so patient he really helped me gain my confidence in being able to drive. He was really understanding about my condition too. I never thought I would be able to drive and cannot recommended him enough. 
Zoe S 
18th March 2019 
I tried learning in a manual a couple of yours ago and found it quite difficult so I wanted to try automatic. My instructor Ryan was really nice and funny. My lessons always felt comfortable becuase we could have a normal conversation. He was a good teacher and very patient with me which helped as a did get frustrated at times when I couldnt do something. 
Michael T 
18th March 2019 
My Instructor Carl 'Yoda" Slater was amazing. He was easy to get on with and we had a few laughs along the way. He put my mind at ease and answered all my stupid questions. I thought it would be difficult but Carl made it easy to do. Great bloke, great company and a really pleasurable experience. I have not stopped praising Carl and the No Gears team for helping me pass 1st time. If your wanting to learn to drive then these are the guys to help you. I could not be happier. 
Rachel P 
18th March 2019 
As I'm of the older generation I wanted to make learning to drive easier. I type in No Gears, read the reviews and liked what I saw. It was important to me to click with my instructor from the start. Daljit made me feel at ease from day one. His teaching made me feel calm and capable. Considering I passed first time alot of credit goes to Daljits teaching. 
Thomas P 
18th March 2019 
My preference was to learn in an automatic and I had heard good things about them. Paul Yates was a quality instructor who helped me pass first time. I would highlyn recommend him. 
9th March 2019 
Sid was very patient with me and always on time. He gave me very good training and helped me overcome my fear of driving. Thanks you so much Sid. 
8th March 2019 
Sid was very clear and detailed in his instruction. Extremely professional and pleasant to learn with. Thank you Sid for helping me to pass first time. 
7th March 2019 
Sid was exremely patient with me. I have had instructors in the past from other driving schools that let me down but Sid was the best. Very softley spoken and I can recommend him with confidence. I also past my practical test with him.... a fantastic guy! 
Linda C 
7th March 2019 
Steve Davies my No Gears instructor was excellent. He is a true gentleman and a very patient man! 
Gareth P  
7th March 2019 
Peter West was a great instructor, very patient and gave me lots of tips to make things easier for me to learn. 
Tasha H 
28th Feb 2019 
I had lessons in manual and it wasnt for me. I have a young son and I wanted to get passed as soon as possible. I absolutely cannot recommend Chris enough. He was patient, calming easy going with a great personality. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Chris and missed them when I passed my test. 
Susan C 
28th Feb 2019 
My instructor Carl was amazing, very patient, friendly and kind and if anybody is looking to do automatic lessons in the Bolton area he is the best around. 
Susan J 
20th Feb 2019 
Had 3 lessons in a manual and couldn’t get the gears so thought I would have 1 lesson in an automatic and never looked back. I had seen one of their cars in a car park and gave them a ring. So easy to do and had a lesson few days later. The best thing I ever did, as I had Paul who was the best instructor, and I passed first time. I would Recommend No Gears to anyone looking to drive but without the hassle of a manual. 
20th Feb 2019 
James was a brilliant instructor. Has helped me build up my confidence to drive again. Thank you so much. 
20th Feb 2019 
Sid is just fantastic! He was always calm, patient and encouraging. He worked around my work schedule fitting in driving lessons before I started work and on the weekend as he knew I wanted to pass quickly. He taught me everything I needed to know so I felt confident and prepared during my exam. Would recommend him and No Gears to anyone! 
Paul D 
14th Feb 2019 
Chris was a brilliant instructor and was able to judge my competence level very quickly and deduce whether I would be able to sit and pass my test within the initial purchase of 10 lessons. His instructions and friendly manner made the experience enjoyable. I'm pleased to say that I passed both theory and practical exam first time, with one (1) minor fault on the practical exam. 
Please note: We changed our questionnaire to include a 5 star rating system based on the pupils experience (1 being poor and 5 being excellent) from 11th February 2019 onwards. 
Hannah V 
9th February 2019 
I have loved having Peter as my driving instructor over the last 6 months. He has been incredibly patient and I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience. Could not recommend enough. 
Holly S 
6th February 2019 
Previously tried learning years ago in manual but didn't enjoy the experience, so opted for automatic this time round. My instructor Jim made learning to drive really enjoyable. I had been reluctant to start, yet he made me feel at ease in the car and any nerves quickly diminished. He was patient and calm at all times. He fully explained things in a way that was clear and easy to take on board. He was friendly and is clearly invested in the progress of each of his students. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn in an automatic. 
Stacey P 
6th February 2019 
I'd heard No Gears were great and they were, every step of the way. My instructor Ron was simply amazing very patient and made me believe I could achieve my goal. Which I did after just a few months. I could not of done it without such a good driving instructor. Thank you so much 
Joseph M 
6th February 2019 
My instructor was great, very patience fellow and he made me have confidence that enventually helped me to pass my driving test. I definitely will recomend No Gears to anyone that is looking for a drIving instructor. 
31st January 2019 
Carl my instructor was definately the best Ive ever used by far, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an automatic instructor. 
Amy J 
30th January 2019 
Past my test first time! I was so happy!! My driving instructor made me feel very confident and I knew all manoeuvres well before I had taken my test and taught me to stay calm in my test. He is the best one I have had. Very patient, calm and understanding when I was doing my lessons, he made the driving and test as easy as it could be. Liked the camera to help you park the car. 
Linda S 
29th January 2019 
I’ve attempted to learn to drive twice before over the years but sadly a bad accident as a passenger when I was 17 resulted in me becoming extremely nervous, after two lessons on each occasion I couldn’t go ahead. I’m now 67yrs old and decided to give it one last go. I’m so pleased I did. I chose No Gears with no great expectations and It’s the best descision I made. Jon-Paul became my driving instructor and he was brilliant. He was calm, patient and gave me so much confidence that I no longer quaked before my lessons and I actually enjoy them! Something I never thought I’d be able to do. I took my test on January 24th 2019 and passed first time. I’m really looking forward to the freedom driving is going to give me. Thank you for helping me to achieve my goal Jon-Paul. 
17th January 2019 
My driving instructor Peter West is such a lovely teacher. He was so patient and calm during lessons making them fun and enjoyable and relaxed which I looked forward to each week. I can’t thank him enough in helping me to pass 1st time in my driving test! 
Elena T 
10th January 2019 
I would like to thank you to James for his support and effort in making me succeed! He was the best instructor I could ever had! Thank you James for everything and for your car ( red Toyota Yaris), it’s a easy car to drive. 
I wish you all the best ! 
Sarah R 
9th January 2019 
Sid is a great instructor. He explained everything in detail, he is easy to talk to, happy to answer any questions and made me feel relaxed. I really enjoyed learning to drive this time round, it was great he was able to work round my shift patterns. I now have a car after passing 2 weeks before. I brought the same type of car as my learner car as I love driving it. I now having a few motorway lessons with Sid to help me be more confident. 
Sarah K 
7th January 2019 
My driving instructor was very friendly and I felt very at ease on every lesson , he explained everything very clearly and gave me great confidence, I would definitely recommend him and no gears to anyone, thankyou 
Emily U 
31st December 2018 
I found that gears were too complicated for me and saw a No Gears instructor in my area. Steve was so patient and helpful in my lessons. Thank you so much! 
Pamela JA 
28th December 2018 
Thank you Robert - I did it !! Thank you - it’s all down to your patience, kindness and encouragement. 
David S 
24th November 2018 
Really couldn’t speak highly enough. My tutor was flexible and friendly, but was able to use constructive criticism to get me to the level I needed to pass. Can’t thank him enough and highly recommend Paul and No Gears 
Lynn S 
24th November 2018 
I had bad experiences before. I was very nervous. Always gave up. I found automatics much easier to master. Jeff was an excellent instructor. 
15th November 2018 
I would love to take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to James my driving instructor for all the help and support he gave me to pass my driving test. I appreciate it very much. He is an excellent driving instructor. Thank you James. 
13th November 2018 
I wish I chosen automatic before because I love it. It reduced my fear and stress. I just wish I had started sooner. My confidence as an older driver was boosted and I did well especially on my test. I enjoyed driving the No Gears car . 
Tom W 
6th November 2018 
I didn’t want the hassle of gears and seen the No Gears car out & about. I would highly highly recommend Rob & No Gears 
31st October 2018 
I struggled with a manual car a few year ago so I thought I would try automatic gears. I really love driving now. John was great driving instructor for me and I would Just like to say thank you to John and the company too. 
Dianne T 
30th October 2018 
I would like to recommend Rob Burden from South Shields. He is a very kind genuine man with a lot of patience and positive feedback was always given at the end of every lesson. Rob’s style of driving is second to none. His style is very simplistic and logical and easy to understand and full of positivity with so much support that helped me enormously to pass my test. If it wasn’t for Rob I don’t think I would of passed my test, he gave me courage to keep going when I was just about to give up!! I’m going to miss my lessons with Rob, as I enjoyed my 2 hour lessons on a weekly basis. He explained so much about driving techniques that no other driving instructor had done so in the past. He also showed me how to do a great parallel park and bay park which I can honestly say I had struggled with in the past. I’m so glad I found No Gears on internet and gave the call when I was not getting any where with my previous driving instructor. I just want to say A BIG THANK YOU TO ROB BURDEN for believing in me and giving me courage to eventually passing my test!!! 
Danielle P 
26th October 2018 
When I was younger I had an accident. Cars frightend the life out of me. Never in my life would I have thought I'd be driving, and a manual scared me even more with the gears, so I just wanted a stress free driving experience. A saw an advert on facebook from the derby instructor Ruth and i thought she looked kind and patient and thats what i needed. Not an impatient person as I was nervous enough. I was glad with my choice Ruth was fantastic. 
Jenifer G 
25th October 2018 
I couldn’t recommend Steve highly enough, he is a credit to your company and I couldn’t have passed without him. 
24th October 2018 
My instructor, Tony, was incredible every single lesson and my confidence increased so consistently with his support in helping me to drive. When learning new things he always ensured it was covered appropriately but allowing me my own independence to give it ago (specifically manoevers) rather than worrying. I would 100% recommend Tony to anyone wanting to learn in an automatic. 
15th October 2018 
I would sincerely like to thank Sid as not only did he boost my confidence no end but he was patient, polite, well mannered and very good at his job. I’d had two instructors before Sid and I didn’t feel comfy with them but Sid made me feel so at ease and never raised his voice once. I honestly can not recommend Sid as a driving instructor or this company enough. Sid I think you are truly amazing and I will never be able to thank you enough nor will I ever forget you. If your reading this and thinking of taking lessons this is 100% a valid review and as stated I can not recommend Sid nor this company enough. 
Chalukya D 
13th October 2018 
My No Gears instructor was an amzing teacher and helped me build up my driving skills over a very short period of time. He was very patient and always believed in me. He was very thorough with his teaching and made sure that i was aiming for a very high standard of driving which i am very pleased with now. 
Aijbola JA 
9th October 2018 
Just want to say a big thank you to my instructor James keefe who was fantastic, patient and very thorough and good at what he does. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. 
7th October 2018 
All the lessons with Rob was always enjoyable and super fun. He made driving easy for me and I managed to pass in a short amount of time. Would definitely recommend him as a great instructor. 
2nd October 2018 
I had 10 lessons on manual car and it was to stressing so I decided to try automatic. My previous instructors were rude. My No Gears nstructor was very friendly and from the first lesson taught me a lot. Lovely guy. 
Bethan R 
27th September 2018 
Bill is a brilliant instructor! He made everything very clear, even things I had really struggled with when learning previously. He was very patient and calm which helped so much, especially as I had very low confidence and a lot of anxiety around driving when I started. He's also funny and easy to get along with. I actually looked forward to my lessons and started to enjoy driving! Thank you so much :) 
Raj K 
23rd September 2018 
I would definitely recommend this driving school to others. The lessons are much more structured, my instructor actually taught me in a way that I hadn't experienced previously. There was a bigger onus on me to actually learn and understand what I was being taught as opposed to just being given directions on where to drive. I really can't thank my instructor enough for his first class teaching which ultimately led me to get my licence! 
David A 
18th September 2018 
I suffer badly from arthritis and decided that auto was better for me. I looked online for the best option and found No Gears. My instructor Ryan made me feel so at ease. I dont think I could have found anyone better. 
Joanne C 
11th September 2018 
As an older than average learner I didn't want to worry about gears, just to concentrate on driving so I chose automatic. I found my instructor to be very patient, great at explaining everything and a great teacher. He was always calm, funny and extra supportive when it was needed. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive in an automatic car. 
Emma C 
13th August 2018 
Rob is a fantastic instructor, he is friendly, patient and understanding (I had a bad experience with an instructor from another driving school) I would recommend him to anyone, his professionalism and communication is excellent and he goes out of his way to help with any difficulties. If you have an award for Outstanding Instructor, he should own it!! 
Gulzipa P 
6th August 2018 
I am so happy with No Gears and my instructor Rob is the best. He is so patient, explaining very clearly and understandably. He has great teaching skills. Because of him I passed my test today and I would recommend him to everyone who is going to start to learn driving. 
8th July 2018 
Ruth was amazing. I was so nervous and I had no confidence at all. I don’t know if I would have ever passed without her. She was so kind, very encouraging and when I failed my test the first time she made me feel so much better about it. She didn’t let me get down and kept me going. I really can’t thank her enough. I never thought I’d get my licence, it took me 10 years to even consider it. I’m so happy I found Ruth, she’s given me a new found freedom. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know!!! 

Trustpilot Reviews Score 4.8 out of 5 Rated 'Excellent' 

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